Escape Room Team Building

Escape Room Team BuildingEscape room team building activities are a great way to improve problem solving skills and have some fun. (These are also one of the most low-cost team activities available.) The concept of escape room activities is unbelievably popular right now. However, the application and delivery of these activities has a big problem. Most people who hear about the escape room team building concept think something like, “Wow, that sounds like a lot of fun.” That is… until they actually do one. People sometimes even leave the room frustrated and angry. (Not the best for team building.)

So, we’ve designed these team building escape rooms to fix these inherent challenges within the industry. The goal in most escape rooms is to make the puzzles so challenging that a team has to come back over and over to accomplish the challenges. Our challenges are designed a different way. They are challenging, yes. However, the goal here is to complete the challenges every single time. This creates a competition between teams and eliminates the frustration. Not too hard. Not too easy. These challenges are just right to build teamwork.

These Escape Room Team Building Activities are Both Fun and Challenging.

These activities can be self-facilitated or with a professional facilitator. For the self-facilitated versions, we give you access to an introductory script and/or an introductory video. All you need to do is deliver the “escape room in a box” to each team and press play. (You can even participate if you like.)

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